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SSD for COVID-19-related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

It’s apparent that COVID-19 can pose a real threat, sometimes causing severe or even deadly symptoms. That’s why it’s a relief when people recover from the virus. However, sometimes people still experience shortness of breath even after recovery, sometimes even requiring oxygen. This condition is known as acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, and can cause longer-term issues with breathing. But what happens when these breathing issues prevents you from working? You may just qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

What is ARDS?

ARDS is a condition in which fluid collects in the lungs’ air sacs, and therefore denies organs of oxygen. It is a serious symptom of COVID-19 and the leading cause of death associated with it. 

What Do You Need to be Approved for SSD Benefits?

You may qualify for SSD benefits if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You can’t perform your job due to your disability and can prove that to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which is responsible for approving SSD benefits;
  2. You are unable to perform any other type of employment; and
  3. Your disability has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months.

What Happens if Your Application is Denied?

If your SSD application has been denied, it can feel extremely overwhelming. But there is good news: you can file an appeal. You will have 60 days from the date that you are denied to file an appeal of the decision. If you wait more than 60 days you will be obligated to begin the process anew. You can file an appeal on your own, or you can optimize your odds of being approved by working with a qualified SSD attorney. 

Appearing Before an Administrative Law Judge

If you are still dealing with respiratory issues as a result of COVID-19, you may be concerned that you have to appear in person at your hearings. Luckily, the SSA Office of Hearings Operation (OHO) offers a Representative Video Project that allows applicants (and those representing them) to appear at hearings off-site.

The Las Vegas SSD Attorneys at Roeschke Law, LLC Can Help

If you are suffering from ARDS and are unable to work, it can be very difficult to get through the day, let alone the SSD benefits application process. Fortunately, the SSA will allow you to have someone else represent you in the application process. However, this must be submitted in writing to the SSA.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a disability that prevents you from working, you may not know how to proceed. Fortunately, the attorneys at Roeschke Law, LLC can help. We understand the impact that a disability can have on your physical, emotional, and financial health. That’s why it’s our mission to help you. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!