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Death Benefits May be Denied if Your Loved One Was Unvaccinated

As the war against coronavirus wages on, many workers are forced with a dilemma: either get vaccinated against the virus or face a variety of repercussions from weekly testing and higher health insurance premiums to the loss of their jobs altogether. But now there is a serious penalty for the families of those who die of COVID-19 but weren’t vaccinated: they may no longer be able to receive death benefits that they would have otherwise been given. 

NY MTA Takes a Stand

In fact, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is just one example of employers who no longer wish to provide death or other benefits to employees who refused to get vaccinated. Whereas the NY Metro Transportation Authority paid a $500,000 death benefit to families of bus, subway, and commuter rail workers, as of June 1, they announced that they will no longer do so for those who die of covid but were unvaccinated at the time of their death. 

Many employers are concerned with the ramifications of having employees who are unvaccinated continue to work for them. Not only are there the obvious health risks of having unvaccinated workers, but there are also financial pressures to have everyone protected as well. For instance, the Biden Administration has passed a bill that will go into effect in January, requiring all large employers to have their workers vaccinated or test them on a weekly basis. Employers who fail to comply can be heavily fined. 

Failing to Protect Themselves from Their Own Demise

While many are split on the issue of denying benefits to those who die of COVID-19 without having been vaccinated, some compare it to first responders who fail to wear their bulletproof vest, helmet, or other safety equipment in order to protect themselves. In such a situation, their families could become ineligible for payment under their death benefit policy. Still, those who get sick with COVID are presumed to have incurred the disease while at work. This has enabled a lot of families to receive accidental death benefits. But put simply, many businesses want to encourage their workers to protect themselves and wish not to reward their families with benefits when their loved one’s death could have ostensibly been prevented. 

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