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Health Insurance and Social Security Disability

One challenge that disability applicants potentially face is obtaining benefits with a lack of health insurance. If you receive health insurance through your employer and recently stopped working due to your disability, losing health insurance may be a big worry for you. 

Not only does this prevent you from getting the treatment you need to take care of yourself, but lack of health insurance could mean that you don’t have enough medical records to support the conditions you’re telling the SSA are preventing you from work.

Since having strong medical records is a significant piece to a successful disability case, a lack of health insurance could be a significant issue in your case that could make it much more difficult for you to get approved. 

Unfortunately, lack of health insurance while applying for disability can be a challenge with no easy solution. But there are some options to consider that may apply to your situation.

Please contact our Las Vegas Social Security Attorneys to discuss your situation and potential claim in detail.